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La Princesse incongrue
28 April 1989
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UPDATE: Four months ago I saw the Troupe of Mozart l'Opéra Rock in person for the first time. Three months ago I fell madly in love with Florent Mothe. My journal is about nothing else these days.

I'm obsessed with Les Mis, in case you're partially blind and can't tell. But I'm pretty open-minded to all sorts of nerdy things... Sweeney Todd is my other favourite musical. And Urinetown. And, like, a lot of other stuff. I'm also in love with Die Zauberflote. I watch lots and lots of movies due to working at movie theatres. Movies are fun. I also watch way too much TV. It's not healthy.

Doctor Who is my second-favourite thing in the whole world (after Les Mis). I'm particularly in love with RTD-era Who... hopefully Moff Who will grow on me eventually. Nine is My Doctor, but I love every Doctor I've seen (which so far includes Nine, Ten, Eleven, One, Two, and Three). I ship Rose/Ten hardcore, but I understand it's not a terribly popular ship and I'm not too offended when other people disagree with it. I also adore Donna. And the Ood. And Chantho and Harriet Jones Former Prime MP for Flydale Minister North.

I go through periods of intense obsession during which my lj posts will be about little else. I also have a tendency to post very late at night, and every time I want to rant I get all distracted and it confuses me. I wrote a novel for NaNo in 2007 and fell madly in love with my characters, primarily Richmond and Julian, who are in love. I reference them a lot and I apologise for this in advance. I ramble a lot and get off track. I also like to make all my own icons and get really excited if anybody thinks they're good enough to gank. And... I like Les Mis a lot. It all comes back to Les Mis. Though I'd say my second-favourite thing is Doctor Who. Probably.

(And if you want to friend me, I'd be honoured and delighted and I'd friend you back forthwith. My journal is largely squee and fandom-y things I've done, so look out for that.)

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